Our well-being breaks
You deserve this moment

All our well-being breaks are 25 minutes long.

Express Feet Beauty 25min
This feet beauty treatment includes a moisturizing footbath, a refreshing honey and shea butter cream applied to both feet and front legs, without forgetting a nail treatment. Nail polish application not included.
Express Hand Beauty
A quick, beautifying treatment for your nails. Perfect for women on the go, or for those taking beauty breaks while on the clock! Nail polish application not included.

Glow and Go Facial Treatment 25min
A facial treatment to refine skin texture, bringing an immediate glow, smooth skin and reveals a light and uniform complexion. This treatment will restore your skin.

Feet Massage 25min
A clay massage that starts at the tip of the feet and goes all the way to the knee. Ideal for people suffering from feet pain, and those with insufficient circulation with swelling and heavy leg syndrome.

Anti-migraine Massage 25min
A poultice of clay and Laurus nobilis, rosemary and sage essential oils are applied, providing a calming and soothing effect to relieve headaches and migraines caused by stress and fatigue.

Head, Hands and Feet massage
This head, hands and feet massage stimulates the reflex zones of the body's extremities to offer relief and deep relaxation.

Head, Shoulder and Neck Massage
This massage removes and reacts to accumulated tensions in shoulders and neck by concentrating on these areas which are sensitive to everyday stress.

Jet Lag Massage
A massage that will provide all the benefits of a good night's sleep. The back, feet, hands and neck will feel compelled to recuperate, getting you back up and about, in no time.