Our massages
Experience our classic massages… because you deserve this moment

Our therapists are all certified by a professional order. An insurance receipt can be issued for all massage therapy treatments upon request.

Relaxation Massage
A massage with encompassing movements for incomparable well-being. It provides total relaxation for your body and soul.

Relaxation Massage80min
A massage with encompassing movements for incomparable well-being. It provides total relaxation for your body and soul.

Therapeutic Massage
Tailored to your needs, this massage eliminates muscle and back pain by concentrating on tension points. It will bring you pure well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage 50min
A deep tissue massage to relieve muscle pain and tensions that limit body motion. It will be of great help for people suffering from chronic muscle pain.

Mother-to-be Massage
A massage specifically designed in an all-comfort environment for expecting mothers. It encourages relaxation while reducing tensions, which often accompany pregnancies. The use of neutral oil (no essential oil) is beneficial for back, spinal and leg pains.

Tandem Massage
Twice as good! Enjoy this exceptional relaxation moment with someone special. It is also a nice way to initiate your child to the benefits of massage therapy.

Foot Massage
De la pointe des pieds jusqu'aux genoux, ce massage fluide et drainant permet une meilleure circulation sanguine et lymphatique. Il soulage les jambes lourdes et revitalise les pieds.
Our massages
Experience our signature massages… because you deserve this moment
Detoxifying Clay Massage50min
This calming and moisturizing massage relieves joint and muscular pain while eliminating the feeling of fatigue thanks to the minerals contained in the clay.
Aromatic Oil Massage50min
A massage that combines the sense of smell with the effectiveness of essential oils. Essential oils are specially selected according to your needs. Reviving or soothing, it will take you into a world of well-being.

Warm Pebble Massage
Bringing comfort and warmth, this massage soothes muscle pain in order help you relax and recharge your energy. Warm pebbles will glide on your skin from head to toe using long stroking massage movements.

Moment Spa signature Massage80min
From the top of the head to the tips of the toes, this massage uses slow, enveloping, and draining manoeuvres to please the weary traveller or simply to relieve accumulated tensions. The body is re-energized using forearm techniques in synergy with the soothing virtues of a bamboo, water lily and hibiscus massage oil. A light refreshing and moisturizing mist concludes this signature massage.

Warm and Cold Basalt Stone Massage
A massage given using an ancient ritual. Alternating movements with warm stones to relieve muscle tensions and cold stones to reduce inflammation, boost energy and stimulate body tone.