The diversity of skills within our teams is the strength of our company. Collaborative work, synergy, and a constant commitment to providing an exceptional experience to our clients make our employees a most valuable asset. Today, we are proud to introduce some of them to you!

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Stéphanie Lacelle

Stephanie has 14 years of service at Amerispa Sheraton Laval as the Director!

Thanks to her dedication, perseverance, and exceptional customer service, she has successfully taken on several challenges throughout her journey, progressing from esthetician to Director. We are grateful for her excellent work and her inspiring journey with us.

Her favourite treatment: microdermabrasion. She loves the instant radiance that this treatment provides.

Head Receptionist and Massage Therapist
Sarah Laporte

It’s been 13 years now since Sarah has been part of our team at Amerispa Spa Nordique Morin-Heights and Amerispa Estérel Resort!

Warm-hearted by nature and always smiling, she makes sure that her clients have a memorable day at the spa. Nothing brings her more joy than seeing clients leave fully satisfied.

Her favourite product: the Labrador Tea Foaming Exfoliating Sugar, so easy to use and it leaves the skin incredibly soft.

Head Aesthetician, Massage Therapist, and Receptionist
Alex Roy-Tremblay

We are thrilled to introduce you to Alex, a valued member of our team at Amerispa Auberge Godefroy!

His commitment to the well-being of our clients and his expertise are reflected in his exceptional performance. He stands out with his empathy and attentive nature, enabling him to build meaningful connections with his clientele.

His beauty/wellness advice: The best anti-aging cream will always be sunscreen, along with maintaining a consistent beauty routine at home.

Massage Therapist
Rabia Sekkak

Rabia has made an invaluable contribution over the years at our Amerispa and Moment Spa centres. We now find her at our Amerispa Auberge Godefroy centre.

We are extremely grateful to have someone so dedicated and invested in her work on our team. Her passion for massage therapy is undeniable, and it is truly a joy to see her thrive every day in her role.

Her favourite product: the Labrador Tea Foaming Exfoliation

Head Massage Therapist
Denis Deslauriers

It has been 18 years since Denis joined our Moment Spa team and has been practicing his profession in our various centres.

According to him, massage therapy provides valuable benefits such as stress reduction, prevention of body injuries and helps good body posture.

His favourite treatment: deep tissue massage.

Massage therapist and esthetician
Nancy Malouin

Employees like Nancy shape our company into what it is today. We are so grateful to have had her with us for 20 years.

According to her, receiving a massage is one of the best ways to restore balance and harmony in both the body and the mind. It’s an appointment with oneself and a reminder of what life naturally is.

Her favourite product: Vitarub and Amerispa exfoliants.

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